You can get paid $430,000 a year as Roblox metaverse worker – they’re hiring now

ROBLOX is in the market for metaverse workers – and some of the roles pay as high as $430k a year.

The popular online game platform and game creation system is looking to fill nearly 260 metaverse-related roles.

Roblox is looking to fill more than 200 metaverse-related roles


Roblox is looking to fill more than 200 metaverse-related roles

The San Mateo, California-based company is offering up to $430,000 in base salary for senior tech positions, according to salary data.

Other available Roblox roles include front-end engineers, back-end engineers, people scientists, and technical sourcer with a specialization in metaverse avatars and game engines.

A senior software engineer can earn a yearly salary of up to $270,000, while a technical director is paid $430,500, according to an Insider salary analysis.

Roblox chief technology officer Daniel Sturman told Insider that the company is planning to hire across all levels, including both “college graduates” and “the best in the world.”

Sturman said that all the roles are “oriented to allow for the experiences of the metaverse.”

“I see it as my job to provide the platform to this community, and then let their creativity discover all the cool things they can do with it,” he added.

Still, if you want to make the big bucks at Roblox, you first need to get through the long recruiting process outlined below.

How to get hired at Roblox

For entry-level positions, the process starts out rather familiar with a resume, an application, and a telephone screening.

Then applicants must complete two tests: one cognitive, one technique.

The final round of the process includes two technical interviews with a manager, and then a senior leader.

For senior hires, the process involves three technical interviews and a discussion with a manager, and then an interview with the team director, and potentially the Vice President.

On top of getting through that process, Sturman noted that it’s important for Roblox to find candidates that are a “great match” with the “happy” culture there.

Sturman also stated that he looks for five key characteristics in potential hires: Respectful, long-term thinker, determined, strong contributor, and someone with a compelling narrative.

“We really want you to tell us your story, we are always very curious to know what is driving you, where do you think you have made a difference? What is something you are proud of? Whether in technology or not in technology, again, we’re looking for that drive, that passion, that drive. That’s important, “Sturman said.

“Try to be the best of yourself, we want people who fit into our happy work environment and people who are enthusiastic about it and radiate it,” he added.

Roblox considered itself a "happy place" to work.


Roblox considered itself a “happy place” to work.Credit: Roblox
Official trailer for global online gaming platform Roblox

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