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Anime Fighting Simulator X brings beloved characters from various animes and manga to one experience and allows players to harness their many abilities to fight their way to the top. Before you can get to the top, however, you’ll need to strategically form, and evolve, your anime champion dream team. So, where do you go to do that? I was wondering the same thing, which is why I created the brief guide below that answers that exact question. Hint: It’s much easier than you probably think!

How to summon champions in Anime Fighting Simulator X

In Anime Fighting Simulator X, the characters you can discover and collect are called champions, and these champions can either be purchased with Robux, or summoned using Chakras. Every hour, the champions that can be summoned in the summoning area are refreshed, and a new banner is created that lists the newly added champions. There are some champions, though, that will never appear in the banner, such a Navi, as they are secret units that can be obtained at any time, but with exceptionally low chances.

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Where is the summoning area in Anime Fighting Simulator X?

The summoning area is located in the experience’s starting area, behind the Boom NPC. Upon walking into the highlighted circle, a pop up will appear that allows you to begin summoning.


That’s it for this guide on how and where to summon champions in Anime Fighting Simulator X. What’s your favorite champion you’ve summoned so far? Are there any special champions you’re grinding for? Let me know in the comments below!

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