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Like other life-simulation games on Roblox, Club Roblox allows players to adopt children and pets to create the family of their dreams while role-playing in whatever way that they prefer. The world of Club Roblox is huge and full of activities that my friends and I love to partake in, such as swimming with friendly megaladons at the beach, or equipping our mountain rescue equipment and scaling the treacherous volcano. There are also a few hidden activities that players can participate in, such as the infamous gnome scavenger hunt, which awards the rare Find The Gnome badge. So, where is this pesky sneak? Continue reading the brief guide below to find out.

How to find the gnome in Club Roblox

The Missing Gnome was first added to Club Roblox in Aug. 2022, and traveled around the experience’s map on a weekly basis. Each time Club Roblox released an update, the gnome would move to a new location where players could try and find it. Since Nov. 2022, however, this gnome has seemingly gone missing, and players aren’t sure it will ever return.

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During the 2022 Christmas event, the gnome could be found inside of a glowing iceberg off the frozen lake. Weeks passed and the gnome never moved, and then the Christmas event ended and was removed from the experience. When this happened, players expected the gnome to be moved to a new location, but it was (and still is) nowhere to be found. The general consensus between players is that the gnome was just fully removed from the experience and can no longer be obtained, despite a handful of players still earning the Find The Gnome badge every day…which is definitely peculiar!


That’s it for this quick guide on the status of the Club Roblox gnome. If I hear any information about it be re-added or found, I will update this guide with its newest location!

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