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If you’re trying to complete the Alchemist quest in Roblox Blox Fruits, and are wondering where the Blue Flower spawns, read on for all the information you need. 

Alchemist requires you to find him three flowers, which are Blue, Red, and Yellow. This is required to evolve your race, so you’ll want to do it at least once and perhaps multiple times (I’ve gotten bored of my race more than once!). 

Blue Flower spawn location – Roblox Blox Fruits

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It’s important to note that the Blue Flower will only spawn during the night and will actually despawn during the day. It can only be found on Cave Island (not an official name). Go through the hole in the ceiling and you’ll arrive in the hidden room that houses the flower.

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The so-called Cave Island is a remote island all on its own in the Second Sea, west and a little south of the main Second Sea spawn point, the Kingdom of Rose. There isn’t much else there, but don’t miss the Diamond Chest (behind a partial wall upstairs), Silver Chest (in the main cave), and Gold Chest (on the top of the hill on the grass) found here too. 

Where is the Alchemist in Blox Fruits?

Once you have the flowers, you can find the Alchemist near the vines and a blue mushroom where boss Fajita spawns in the Green Zone. To evolve your race you will also need 500,000 cash and to have completed the Colosseum Quest in the Second Sea.

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