When does the MM2 Halloween Event Start in 2023? Event Timeline and Details

With a game like Murder Mystery 2, it’s no surprise that players get pumped for Halloween. The spooky season is perfect for a game like MM2, and the developers of the game know this. Since 2015, they’ve done a Halloween Event that has a surprise drop date every year. So what about 2023?

When will MM2 Halloween Update start for 2023?

While fans are eagers to know when Murder Mystery 2 will finally drop their 2023 Halloween update, answers aren’t as clear as we’d like. We don’t know for certain when the MM2 Halloween Event for 2023 will start. This is because the developers of Murder Mystery 2 typically don’t give any warning or announcement before releasing it. Fans will simply have to wait for it to be published whenever the developers decide it is the right time.

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When did the MM2 Halloween Event start in past years?

In 2022, Murder Mystery 2 developers had a bit of a late release of the Halloween event update, not releasing it until October 23, 2022. In past years, you also saw similar dates, but some came on earlier than the others. Before 2023, you saw the following release dates:

  • 2015 – October 29
  • 2016 – October 26
  • 2017 – October 27
  • 2018 – October 25
  • 2019 – October 27
  • 2020 – October 26
  • 2021 – October 16
  • 2022 – October 23

From looking at the data above, we do see a general trend of the event update for Halloween starting earlier and earlier. That being said, there’s no way to no for certain if this trend will continue or if the developers will return to later release dates again.

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