What is Normal Mode in Blade Ball? Answered

Even for a simple game like Blade Ball, Roblox games can be tough to figure out. Many of the game have different modes with different controls and different rules to them. The tutorial for Blade Ball is also pretty quick before it tosses you into gameplay. It’s important to know where Normal Mode is so that you don’t accidently end up in Ranked.

Normal Mode in Blade Ball, explained

Normal Mode is basically a stress-free, casual area for Blade Ball players. Nobody has to worry about rankings here; just play the game and have fun. When you open Blade Ball for the first time, this is the game mode you will be thrown in.

For more experienced players, Normal Mode is a great way to practice. Some of the lobbies are huge, so it’s still impressive to be the last one standing in this setting, even though beginners are there as well. The other modes of Blade Ball (Ranked and Pro) have much fiercer competition, so it can be better to hone your skills in Normal Mode before moving on.

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When starting out in Normal Mode, you will get a basic sword. I would say this is actually a good thing, because you need to get good at the fundamentals of the game before you can make use of the OP weapons.

There are also plenty of quests that involve Normal Mode. You do not want to ignore these quests, since they are all pretty easy and give some decent rewards. The first quest most players have is to win 10 solo matches.

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