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The latest update has arrived for the popular Roblox action RPG Blox Fruit and with it some cool new content. Read on for all we know about the Frozen Dimension in Blox Fruits. 

I’m sure most players will be looking for the Frozen Dimension to take on the raid boss Leviathan, and to get their hands on the Sanguine Art style. Well, you’re just a step away.

Where is Roblox Frozen Dimension in Blox Fruits?

Image via Blox Fruits Wiki

It is important to note the Frozen Dimension (part of Update 20) will only be accessible if you’re in a party of at least five players. Entering the Frozen Dimension is the way to battle the Leviathan, a raid boss, so you’ll need a strong exploration group to defeat it. Once teamed up, head to the middle of the sea on the outskirts of the new island Tiki Outpost. From where boats spawn there, head to the other side of the island and directly out to sea until you hit a danger level of five to six

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Also, note that the Frozen Dimension is a rare spawn, and the Leviathan has a cooldown timer once defeated, so you may have to wait a while before the dimension spawns for you. I haven’t found accurate information about the Leviathan spawn rate as yet, so if you find out let me know in the comments below (you can’t miss the dimension though – see image above). 

Defeating the Leviathan is the only way to get the Leviathan’s Heart, which can only be collected at Tiki Outpost by harpooning the Heart with the Beast Hunter boat and hauling it back (all players will get the Heart). Once you have the Heart, take it to Shafti in the Third Sea to learn the Sanguine Art style

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