What happened to Kilo Fruit in Blox Fruits?

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Blox Fruits has changed a lot since the release of Update 20. While there were many improvements, players noticed that something was missing. Specifically, what happened to Kilo Fruit in Blox Fruits?

Why was Kilo Fruit removed from Blox Fruits?

Rocket Fruit replaces Kilo Fruit in Blox Fruits
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On August 8, 2023, the Kilo Fruit was removed from Blox Fruits in Update 20. Rocket Fruit replaced Kilo Fruit, leaving players confused. The exact reason for the Kilo Fruit’s removal is unknown, but some players speculate it was too weak compared to other fruits in the game. Others believe that it was removed because it was too easy to obtain.

What to do if I still have Kilo Fruit in my inventory? – Blox Fruits

While Kilo Fruit is no longer available in Blox Fruits, you may still have it in your inventory. In that case, you can still eat it but cannot obtain another one if you lose it. It would be a shame not to keep that antique fruit as memorabilia and a reminder of times before the Blox Fruits Update 20 changes.

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How did players react after Kilo got replaced in Blox Fruits?

While most players would say that Kilo Fruit was not very good, the removal was met with mixed reactions. Some fans were sad to see the fruit go, especially since it was cheap and easy to get. On the other hand, more experienced players were relieved to see it go, as they felt it underperformed. Here are some of the reactions from players on the Blox Fruits subreddit:

  • Tactical nuke fruit is better, but not that bad as a kilo. We’ll remember Kilo as legendary epic fruit” – ShadowFire1902
  • The best fruit ever, it will be missed” – Alert-Friend-6989
  • The best fruit ever kilo” – BeanKing20
  • Rip Kilo, I had a lot of fun with you guys. Why am I getting actually sad about kilo fruit?” – No-Adress-8733
  • I am tearing up watching this. It was my first fruit, the fruit I used till 720. I have fond memories of my friends raging when they rolled it. Goodbye… my dear Kilo.” – Endbounty

What does this mean for the future of Blox Fruits?

The removal of the Kilo Fruit is a sign that the developers of Blox Fruits are willing to make significant changes to the game, even if those changes are controversial. Hence, this may be a good thing, as developers will do whatever they think is necessary to improve this Roblox experience.

Interestingly, the Kilo Fruit is not the first fruit to be removed from Blox Fruits. We already had a couple of fruits kicked out, and the game seemed better for it. The perception of Kilo Fruit being removed will depend on how its replacement, Rocket Fruit, performs.

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