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Toilet Tower Defense, as the name implies, is a tower-defense-style experience where players must use the various units they collect in game to defend their base and defeat waves of enemy toilets (extremely Roblox concept, amirite?). As expected, some of these units are rarer than others; in most cases, the rarer the unit, the better it performs. That’s definitely the case for the Medic Cameraman unit, which only has a 4% chance of appearing in the Main Crate. To learn more about this unit, including what it does, continue reading the brief guide below.

How to get Medic Cameraman in Toilet Tower Defense

As mentioned above, Medic Cameraman has only a 4% chance to appear inside the experience’s Main Crate, which is located at the summoning area and can be purchased for 100 Coins. Every hour, new units are placed inside this crate, so be sure to check back regularly for his appearance!

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What does the Medic Cameraman unit do in Toilet Tower Defense?

Unlike other units in Toilet Tower Defense, Medic Cameraman is not an offensive unit, meaning he does not, and can not, attack toilets. Medic Cameraman is instead a defensive unit, who recovers other units on the map that are in his range from stuns caused by toilets. This unit costs $300 to place and the more he’s upgraded, the larger his recovering range and the shorter his cooldown.


That’s it for this quick guide on what the Medic Cameraman unit does in Toilet Tower Defense and how to get him. If you’re looking to up your team’s defenses, this could be a critical unit to hunt for!

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