What does instant spin mean in Blade Ball?

Blade Ball has numerous ways to get rewards and buffs, but one you may find confusing is instant spin. We’re here to help you determine what instant spin means and how to get it in Blade Ball.

Roblox Blade Ball instant spin explained

Instant spins are exactly what they sound like in Blade Ball. An instant spin at the wheel will give you a spin without waiting and instantly earn the rewards. Typically, the instant spin status lasts for some time and affects all spins during this time. You can get rewards like abilities, more spins, coins, and more, so having faster spins gets you more stuff quicker.

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How to get instant spin in Blade Ball

You can use codes to get instant spin in Blade Ball. These codes are likely rare and not released often; I recommend saving instant spin until you have numerous spins saved up. The other way is to get instant spin for 30 minutes as a reward from the spinner in the lobby, but this relies on luck.

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You can get regular spins from codes or buy them with Robux or coins. Spins cost 99 Robux or 3,000 coins, so it may be a bit pricey if you aim to get spins this way. Logging in each day allows you to get one spin for a discount, and you can stock these up for when you get instant spin.

How to use spins in Blade Ball

Using spins in Blade Ball is super easy; just go to the spinner in the lobby. Once you use a spin, the spinner will begin rotating slowly and stop on your reward. Using instant spin skips the animation and rewards you immediately.

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