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Determining which units are on the top of the tier lists can be a complicated task, but you’ll need to take every little detail into consideration, such as traits. Traits can make your units even more powerful, and that’s because they provide special stats and boosts in battle. However, they are only given to your units by chance, which means it can be a hit or miss. If you’re looking for that special Celestial trait or happened to get it by chance, then we have all the details for you below!

Celestial Trait Guide in Anime Adventures

Celestial is a trait that modifies the unit in battle by providing various boosts and advantages. These traits are given by chance to units and are not always guaranteed. Celestial is a particularly rare trait to get for your units, and here are all the details you’ll need on how to get it and what it does:

How to get Celestial in Anime Adventures

All traits are given to units by chance, and Celestial happens to be one of the very rare traits with only a 0.36% chance of being obtained. However, if you’re looking to secure it for one of your units, you can attempt to reroll their trait until you land it.

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You can re-roll any traits by heading to the NPC, Wis, right outside the Evolve area of the lobby. Traits are rerolled by using two different types of in-game currency: Star Remnants and Reroll Tokens, or you can spend some Robux. How much it costs depends on what unit you are trying to reroll a trait for. Greater rarity units will be more expensive than others. Rerolling is not always guaranteed to give you a better trait, so you’ll most likely have to keep repeating this process until you get the results you’re looking for.

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What does the Celestial Trait do in Anime Adventures?

The Celestial trait is one of the more rare traits you can get in the game, so you can expect it to come with some pretty hefty boosts for your units. Take a look at the list of stats below:

  • 10% Damage Boost
  • 10% Range Boost
  • 20% Damage Buff (Piercing through Magic and Physical Shields)
  • 32% > DPS
  • Purple Galaxy Aura

Because the trait can pierce through shields, it makes it a great trait to have for Infinite Castle mode, Legend Stage, and Daily Challenges. It allows your units not only to grow in strength but have the advantage on shielded enemies. Plus, you gotta love that epic galaxy aura. If you haven’t been able to get the trait yet, keep trying to reroll to land it at last! You won’t be disappointed.

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