Untitled Boxing Game Iron Fist update changes

Roblox has some great combat games, with Untitled Boxing Game being one of my favorites. It strips combat down to just a few attacks but loses nothing in the process. So, what does the Iron Fist update change?

As you’d expect, it introduces a new style that has some interesting ideas included. However, I was more interested in seeing a big list of nerfs and buffs for some of the over and underpowered styles already available. Check out all the details below. 

Changes in the Untitled Boxing Game Iron Fist update

The biggest new introduction with the update was a new legendary fighting style, which is called Iron Fist. The theme of this style is twofold. First, you’ll do very big damage with hits and they’ll also inflict Slow on your opponent. However, you will also take damage when you land blows. Secondly, you will take less damage if your opponent successfully counters while you’re throwing one of your slow punches.

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Untitled Boxing Game Iron Fist update – Style nerfs and buffs

This is the list of nerfs and buffs to styles included with the Iron Fist update to the Roblox Untinted Boxing Game. Did your favorite style get changed? 

Ghost style (nerfed)

  • Ghost Jab slowed down a lot (now as fast as hands low)
  • M2 has very small highlights
  • Block damage reduced
  • Dash iframes reduced

Still an overall very fast style, just more balanced now. A bigger rework will come in the future to read the ghost jab potentially as a skill (so it has a cooldown with pros/cons, and adds dimension to gameplay).

Hitman style (slight nerf)

  • Slight damage reduction overall

Hands Low style (buffed)

  • Less damage is taken when hit by a counter
  • Slight block increase
  • Stamina consumption on m1s decreased

Hawk style (buffed)

  • Backdash buffed
  • Block slightly buffed
  • Light attacks dmg buffed after the first
  • Damage taken on counters reduced

Kimura style (buffed)

  • The slowed effect has been completely reworked
  • Each body shot you land builds up. it goes down slowly if the enemy evades you
  • The effect of slowed is dependent on how much you’ve built up on a linear scale
  • The more Slow Down you inflict, the slower the opponent’s movement speed is, as well as their dash speed, iframes, and stamina consumption

Slugger style (nerfed)

  • M1 damage reduced
  • M1 and M2 block damage was greatly reduced

Trickster style (buffed)

  • Frog punch ult buffed
  • M2 damage and speed increased
  • Block buffed slightly

Wolf style (buffed)

  • White fang buffed (faster and less end lag)
  • General improvements

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