Toilet Tower Defense Value List

Tower defense games are all the rage on Roblox right now and when you pair that with the YouTube sensation Skibidi Toilet theme you have a hit on your hands. Toilet Tower Defense combines the two, boasting regular updates that now include more than 25 different units for players to collect and utilize. To check the value of each unit, check out my list below.

All unit values – Roblox Toilet Tower Defense

The following list is designed to give you an indication of the price of each unit in terms of its trade value. Note that these prices will fluctuate as more Toilet Tower Defense updates are released. Also, you may not be able to find items at this price as they’re not set in stone – these are estimations and should be seen as such. 

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Exclusive Units

Units Value Demand
Engineer Cameraman 160K Very strong
Jetpack Cameraman 20K Very strong
Large Scientist Cameraman 5K Low
Repair Drone 27k Strong
Scientist Cameraman 4K Low
Scientist Crate 15K Very strong
Titan Cameraman 17K Strong
TV Woman 7K Strong

Mythic Units

Units Value Demand
Titan Cinemaman 70K Very strong
Upgraded Titan Cameraman 60K Strong
Upgraded Titan Speakerman 80K Very strong

Legendary Units

Units Value Demand
Dark Speakerman 5K Strong
Laser Cameraman Car 7K Very strong
Mech Cameraman 6K Very strong
Ninja Cameraman 5K Low
Secret Agent 5K Low
Titan Speakerman 3K Strong
Titan TV Man 6K Strong

Epic Units

Units Value Demand
Large Cameraman 250 Low
Large TV Man 325 Low
Medic Cameraman 2K Strong
Surveillance Camerawoman 300 Strong

Rare Units

Units Value Demand
Large speaker 900 Low
Large speaker man 800 Low
TV Man 1.2K Very low

Uncommon Units

Units Value Demand
Cameraman 300 Very low
Car Speakerman 350 Very low

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