Toilet Tower Defense (TTD) Episode 62 – Update Log and Patch Notes

Toilet Tower Defense is one of the current raging hits on the Roblox platform. At the moment of writing, the game has garnered nearly 220K concurrent players and is still rising due to its addicting gameplay. On that note, to make the gameplay even more fresh and exciting, the developers have released the next patch update, titled- 62 for the base game. Apart from the regular balance changes, the update features a new map and multiple powerful units in the game. Read the complete patch notes until the end to know all the latest updates in the game.

Update Episode 62 Log and Patch Notes Summary

The Episode 62 update is live as of September 15, 2023, and contains the following content.

All new units in Toilet Tower Defense – Update 62

A total of 4 new units or toilets are available in the current update.

  • Helicopter Bomb Toilet: Indicative of its name, it is an air-type unit with only six bombs. Drop the bomb on enemies to eradicate enemies. Remember, you cannot regenerate new bombs after the default six. Also, the bombs can inflict stun effects on your allies if they are in the radius of detonation.
  • Buzzsaw Mutant Toilet: The Buzzsaw Mutant Toilet holds two saws each in one hand. Use the saw to crush through the enemy.
  • Mutant Toilet: Mutant Toilet is a basic toilet with a small health bar that cannot stun your units.
  • Mutant Toilet 2.0: The 2.0 is a better version of the Mutant Toilet with a larger health pool and powerful stun ability.

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Palm Paradise – New Map

A new desert-style map called Palm Paradise is available to play in the latest update. It is unique in level design and is long compared to other maps. You can find the level near the Toilet HQ track near the main lobby.

Difficulty Voting System

With the launch of the difficulty voting system, you can play any map according to your preferred difficulty rating. Choose one of the three difficulty options- Easy, Medium, Hard, or Nightmare at the start of the match.

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