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The Naruto-inspired experience Shinobi Life 2 (previously titled Shindo Life) is more than meets the eye with enhanced user mechanics, various customizable abilities, an in-depth character editor, and even more for players to explore and endure. Though this experience thrives on player interactions and has a massive community behind it, there may be times when you’d prefer to play alone or with a small group of friends; whether this is just for peace of mind, or because you’re trying to server hop for specific items, I’ve got you covered! The brief guide below lists tons of private server codes, specifically for Storm Village, that you can use for whatever you’d like.

Shindo Life (Shinobi Life 2) Storm Village Private Server Codes

All of the codes below are private server codes that will spawn you right to Storm Village, assuming you’re at least level 200. If a code isn’t working, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll update the table accordingly!

_HN-Vi 63vQuW er4hx5 lOLJC9
_vr7Xd 6bDhAN fwJkMu LQ8sOV
-07o2Q 75wZ-0 FZgTz4 NRTbT8
-dyJZV 7tW5QB FZTwXs o5sHyM
0Q1bxU 8AL2HH FZTwXs Omh_m0
0wnW_m 8c-jqt g_Sm8H onC-73
13RVYR 8Cqv2O G4a-hB Ooc1Im
148l3E 9YWC70 G6Mkv5 oQp738
16hstl amGXsr G6RJux QUrcoh
1DXZAX ARxo7g HbKVcJ r5ywbg
2oq8-Z Au31zI HJOxUs R9zYvy
2rK7kf aUMw6k hJYG8t rcZQhi
2WXpCw BrWeZz HkEHwZ sqKe-X
2zqgcm bSFIDx IM718G sT7sfT
34dfRA bVtQKv Ir6z3z tVffoB
35vaZP c1X48B j1ByZ0 TzM9iH
4gMVi4 cApMXa J1QyXN U_pg_Q
4SVZxw cew0OJ j5qygo U0ozoB
5doj-B CYAf1q J6g9C9 u3nSmH
5doj-B cZfqWI Jwh0Ee W4n-As
5jNN5N D1pzvN kCeTOe Y503XF
5nNnPB D42_ml kH1cSu y7KhAF
5pyGpP DBJve0 LE6AP_ ybTXmD
5t9HIC dEr6Du Lf3CEj zNO-GF
5UZvnl EPuPO5 ljpwHN zRnvBz

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How to use private server codes in Shindo Life (Shinobi Life 2)

To enter a private server code, load into Shinobi Life 2 and select the Play option from the main menu. Upon doing so, a map will appear that lists every location in the experience. In the top-right corner of this map should be a small text box that says Private Code—enter your desired code into this box and then press the white arrow next to it. If the code is active, you will be teleported to the corresponding private server in just a few seconds.

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That’s it for this quick guide on Storm Village private server codes in Shinobi Life 2. As mentioned above, please let me know in the comments below if any of these codes aren’t working or take you to an incorrect spawn and I will update the chart as soon as I can.

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