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My friends and I love playing Royale High together; dressing up, decorating our dorms, exploring the world, and making wishes at the fountain are just a few of the many activities we do for fun. Normally, having other players in our server with us is totally cool (the more the merrier!), but other times, we do appreciate having our own space and prefer to play alone. This is when private servers come in handy, and why having access to them is so awesome!

Unfortunately, it costs 100 Robux to purchase a private server in Royale High (and not everyone has that much to spend), which means they aren’t super available for every player. Because of this, some generous players open their private servers to the public, allowing random strangers join and use them through specific links. In the brief guide below, I’ve listed a handful of public private server links I could find that should be working at the time of this article’s publication.

Active Private Server Links for Royale High

Private servers for Royale High aren’t super common (or easy to find), but I’ve compiled the information I have so far into the bullet points below. While looking through this list, keep in mind that players under the age of 13 won’t be able to join a stranger’s private server, so if these don’t work for you, that could be why!

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How to join a private server in Royale High

To join a private server in Royale High, all you need to do is click one of the links above—assuming you’re already logged into Royale High, the link should automatically load you into the corresponding server. That’s all there is to it!


That’s it for this quick guide on Royale High private servers. Whether you’re looking to grind for Diamonds or participate in classes without competition, or even just trying to lower the amount of lag that occurs when you play, hopefully these private servers can help you in some way!

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