Royale High Element Quiz – Which Royale High Element Are You?

School is starting soon and the new campus has just opened its gates! In celebration, a homecoming party is being hosted on the quad that contains tons of fun activities for students to enjoy. Which activity will you participate in first?

You took your first quiz of the semester and got an A, but your friend got a D and is very upset about it, what do you do when they tell you?

It’s time to choose extracurriculars! What are you making sure is on your schedule?

You were invited to a party at a classmate’s dorm. When you get there, who do you hang with?

During a campus-wide get together on the beach, you notice one of your classmates has drifted too far into the ocean and, though they can swim without issue, is becoming frantic—splashing haphazardly and screaming about their fear of being eaten by sharks. What do you do?

You have some free time between classes and are deciding what to do/where to go. What do you end up picking?

The yearly school dance is coming up in just a few days! You prepare by:

In the middle of the night, you receive an anonymous text that says “I have something to show you. Meet me at the fountain in Divinia Park at sunrise, you’re going to want to see this Y/N.” There’s no name attached, or any more information that can be interpreted. What do you do?

During potions class, you and a partner are asked to create a teleportation potion that can quickly move you from one side of the room to the other. In a freak accident, your partner concocts a spell that’s a bit stronger than it was supposed to be, and the two of you are teleported to a forbidden part of the school you’ve never seen before—what appears to be a dungeon. What do you do?

It’s the end of the school year and summer vacation is about to begin! What do you plan to do with all your time off?



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