Royale High Campus 3 Quests List

1 The Headmistress will see you now.. “Called up to the office?! I hope it’s for my amazing grades and not for talking in class..” Head into the Headmistress’ Office in the Front Office and wait 1 hour 2 Sparkly Diamond Treasure “Students have reported diamonds gleaming on the Castle’s grounds… can you find one?” Pick up a diamond on the ground anywhere on campus 1 hour 3 Queen Fatigue “Need a place to think? Throne. Rule with an iron fist. We don’t need true love’s kiss!” (Unable to complete due to unreleased area) 1 hour 4 Last Night’s Sleepover Clean-up … (Unable to complete due to unreleased area) 1 hour 5 Hey! You dropped your diary.. “Reading a classmate’s diary can help you get to know them! Maybe there are secrets between the stickers..” Preview another player’s Journal 1 hour 6 Poppy I got hurt! ” Mauled in dodgeball? Ice pack. Leg fall off? Ice pack.
Poppy always has what you need!” Go to the Front Office and tell Poppy you got hurt, then choose either Head, Knee, or Elbow and recieve an Ice Pack from her. Hold the Ice Pack and choose one of the pose options and wait about a minute. 1 hour 7 Office Volunteer “Help out the busy Front Office by answering the phone!” Go to the Front Office and pick up a phone at the Front Desk 1 hour 8 Nap Time! “Throw on your coziest PJs and unwind for a bit. Wake up refreshed to conquer the world!” (Cannot use other realms for this. Requires Dorms to be open) 1 hour 9 Hot Tub Time! “Grab your bathing suit & have some fun in the bubbles in the dorm’s Mermaid Hot Tub!” Go to the teacher’s lounge, then wear any swimsuit from the clothing section and sit on the chairs near the hot tub. (ONLY players level 1500 or above are able to complete this quest as of right now. For other players, this quest is not doable due to unreleased areas) 1 hour 10 Study Sesh … Open your textbook and stay within close range of another player with an open textbook 1 hour 11 Book Check … Get a textbook from your locker and head to class (this still works even if you’re not level 500+, you will just be kicked out, but you will still complete the quest) 1 hour 12 Hair Tangles! “Treat your beautiful tresses to some TLC by using your favorite hairbrush!” (Unable to complete due to unreleased area) 1 hour 13 Bathroom Break “Teacher, may I use the restroom? Find the nearest powder room and relieve yourself.” Use one of the two Powder Rooms found in the Locker Courtyard 1 hour 14 Homework is Due! “Use the Homework Turn-In Boxes in the Locker Courtyard to do & turn in your homework!” Go to a Homework Turn-In Box and complete the homework 1 hour 15 Don’t be late for Class! “You woke up late, and there’s only 3 minutes to get to class! Can you make it?!” Get to a classroom in 3 minutes 3 minutes 16 Vending Machine Drinks “Grab a drink from the Vending Machine to help you stay awake & alert for the upcoming lecture!” Purchase a drink at the Vending Machines found in the Locker Courtyard 1 hour 17 Vending Machine Snack Time “You have JUST enough time to grab a snack from the Vending Machine on the way to your next class!” Purchase a snack at the Vending Machines found in the Locker Courtyard 1 hour 18 Class with Friends … Join one of your Roblox friends in a class 1 hour 19 Amazing Artist (Appears as “Da Vinci” with the pop-up) “Paint so expertly in Art Class that the whole classroom guesses your drawing correctly!” (Unable to complete due to unreleased area) 1 hour 20 *Ring!* Passing Period Locker Stop “Stop at your locker to touch up your makeup, grab a book, or climb in and take a quick nap.” Open up your locker in the Locker Courtyard 1 hour 21 Dress Coded! “So unfair! Grab a spare PE shirt from the Office. I’m a fashion icon, I don’t confine to societal norms!” Go to the Front Office, then go to the Communal PE Shirts and wear one 1 hour 22 Run the Mile “Put on your cutest Active workout outfit and run the mile! Your body and mind will love you!” Wear a piece of clothing from the Active clothing sections, then press Run and go around the place for a certain amount of time 1 hour 23 Brush Teeth! “Grab your toothbrush from your dorm & head to a sink! Make sure to brush twice daily!” (Unable to complete due to unreleased area) 1 hour 24 Relax by the Pool “Soak up some Vitamin D on the comfy lounging chairs by the Hot Springs Pool. Don’t forget the sunscreen!” (Unable to complete due to unreleased area) 1 hour 25 Tidy Textbooks Locker Minigame “All this rushing to class made your locker messy! The organization is the key to success!” Play Tidy Textbooks (Currently disabled)” 1 hour 26 Fountain for Drinking “Stop at the drinking fountain for some refreshing water in between classes!” Go to a water fountain found around campus and drink some water 1 hour 27 Rainy Day Champion “Be the fastest kid around and win 1st in Musical Chairs in the Rainy Day Classroom!” Go to the Rainy Day Classroom and win first place in musical chairs 1 hour 28 Growling Stomach “Growl… Sneak a quick bite of food or drink & don’t get caught!” Eat or drink an item. 1 hour 29 Ding Dong Ditch! “Go to the Castle Dorms and prank knock on another student’s door.. Just don’t get caught!” (Unable to complete due to unreleased area) 1 hour 30 Honk 4 field trip! “Sneak in the school bus and let the whole school know it’s time to GO ON A FIELD TRIP!!!” Go to the bus on the Main Campus and honk the horn 1 hour 31 Texting in Class “Omg, do you want to get a smoothie with me after class? Ttyl xx” Open your phone while in class 1 hour 32 Suds up at the Sink! “Touching all those desks and door handles after those sweaty teenagers.. yeah. Go wash up!” Use the soap in the Powder Room 1 hour 33 Studying by the Dream Fountain “Use your textbook by the Dream Fountain, & study to the sound of The Fountain Girl’s gentle waters!” Grab a textbook from your locker and head to Main Campus to the Fountain and open the textbook 1 hour 34 Wash your P.E. Clothes “Be fresh-smelling for Monday and wash your Laundry in the Dormitory Bathing Quarters!” (Unable to complete due to unreleased area) 1 hour


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