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Players looking to buy Robux in the future will need a few more dollars in their pocket as Roblox rolls out new price increases across the platform. On Oct. 18, 2023, it was discovered that the standard Robux prices, which have remained the same since they originally became available, have been increased for a number of players—the strange part about this change, however, is that these new prices aren’t the same for everyone.

In an X post made by Bloxy News, the new Robux prices were showcased as $6.49 USD for 550 Robux, $12.49 USD for 1,150 Robux, $21.49 USD for 2,050 Robux, $51.99 USD for 5,000 Robux, $96.99 USD for 9,600 Robux, and $194.99 USD for 21,500 Robux, but many other players have found that their account shows different prices. For example, X user @not_noni‘s prices were listed as $3.49 USD for 270 Robux, $8.99 USD for 700 Robux, $18.49 USD for 1,550 Robux, $47.99 USD for 4,250 Robux, $97.99 USD for 9,500 Robux, and $189.99 USD for 20,500 Robux, which are all clearly different from what Bloxy News had announced.

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On the PGG Roblox account, the prices for Robux are also listed differently, with 450 Robux costing $5.49 USD, 900 Robux costing $10.49 USD, 1,850 Robux costing $20.49 USD, 4,750 Robux costing 10,200 Robux costing $100.99 USD, and 20,000 Robux costing $185.99 USD. Though Roblox hasn’t released a statement explaining why so many players are viewing different prices in their account, the most logical reason relates to, of course, money, and maximizing as much of it as possible.

This is likely a test period for Roblox—by tracking which Robux options are purchased the most by players, and which ones are purchased the least, Roblox developers (those employed by Roblox to upkeep the site itself) can determine which price option should become the one default option for everyone. To put it simply, if Roblox was trying to figure out which option should be used as the lowest default price for Robux, and the contenders were $6.49 USD for 550 Robux, $3.49 USD for 270 Robux, and 450 Robux for $5.49 USD, the developers would examine which option of those three was purchased the most, and that would likely become the default option.

As more concrete information is released regarding the new Robux prices, this article will be updated accordingly.

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