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Fun content is always being added to Roblox Royale High, with some of it being made more obvious than others. One of the most fun I’ve found is exploring the vents that run around the main building in Royale High Campus 3. If you’ve found the maze (or are looking for it) and are looking for a Roblox Royale High vent map, read on. 

Vent map – Roblox Royale High

You’ll find a full map of the vents in Roblox Royale High below, courtesy of Royale High Wiki contributor yummyspider. I can confirm the information on the map is accurate, as I’ve followed it to all the chests myself. All I will say is that the paths aren’t to scale, but the amount of turns you need to count is correct, so go by the number of turns rather than the distances

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Inside the Vents map

Image by user yummyspider via the Royale High Wiki

Here’s some extra information about the chests:

  1. 250xp
  2. 1,000 Diamonds
  3. 1,000 Diamonds
  4. 300xp
  5. 900 Diamonds (the vent here takes you to the Rainy Day Classroom)
  6. 1,500 Diamonds
  7. 1,250 Diamonds
  8. Flashlight (cool accessory for spooky stories and jump scares)
  9. 1,337 Diamonds
  10. 325xp
  11. 2,000 Diamonds

The vents marked in orangey red on the map (see image below) will cause you to fall down and be dumped out of the vents. This can be annoying, but no harm is done and you can go straight back in. The vents marked in yellowy orange need to be dropped into as you will find a chest when you drop to the bottom. 

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It can be quite tricky getting to Chest 11. There is a vent just the other side of the fake wall, which is hard to find, and if you edge into the wall you’ll fall. My trick was to wait near Chest 9 (which is right by the false wall) for someone else to go in, so you know exactly where the false wall is. If they fall, wait until you hear the vent come back up (it creaks), then keep run-jumping through the hole until you get to the chest. 

How to enter the vents

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

If you haven’t been into the vents before, teleport to the Dormitory Bathing Quarters and then head into the Laundromat. As you walk into the Laundromat, go to the dryer in the far left corner from where you enter the room on the back wall (on the same wall as the slides).

If it is being used, remove the clothes and leave the dryer open. Otherwise, open the lid. You’ll see it had a false bottom. Position yourself on top until you drop into the dryer, then wiggle around inside until you drop down the shot. Congrats, you’re in the vents!

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