Roblox Fire Breathing Simulator Codes (October 2023)

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Dragons and wyverns can step aside; you now have the power to breathe fire in Fire Breathing Simulator. Take on other players in this experience and capture the hill by proving your fire has the fiercest blast. Equip awesome dragon pets to help you gather strength and resources to blaze your way to glory!

The codes you can claim in Fire Breathing Simulator will give you rare Pets and Coins. You can equip Pets to help you gather resources, and you can use Coins in the shop to buy new Pets and other upgrades for your character.

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All Fire Breathing Simulator Codes List

Updated October 9, 2023

Found a new code!

Fire Breathing Simulator Codes (Working)

Here’s a look at a list of all the currently available Fire Breathing Simulator codes

  • WEEK3—Redeem code for 10 Reroll Tokens (New!)
  • 18000likes—Redeem code for 5x Coin Boost
  • snowflake—Redeem code for a Snowflake Pet
  • 5000likes—Redeem code for 100k Coins
  • update8—Redeem code for 16k Coins
  • update7—Redeem code for 14k Coins
  • update6—Redeem code for 12k Coins
  • update5—Redeem code for 10k Coins
  • update4—Redeem code for 8k Coins
  • update3—Redeem code for 6k Coins
  • update2—Redeem code for 4k Coins
  • Tofuu—Redeem code for a Tofuu pet
  • Russo—Redeem code for a Russo Pet
  • Jeff—Redeem code for a Jeff Pet
  • Gravycat—Redeem code for a Gravycat Pet
  • Mayrushart—Redeem code for a Mayrushart Pet
  • Flamingo—Redeem the code for a Flamingo Pet
  • Denis—Redeem code for a Denis Pet
  • C00kie—Redeem code for a C00kie Pet
  • 2000likes—Redeem code for 20k Coins
  • 1000players—Redeem code for 20k Coins
  • 1000likes—Redeem code for 20k Coins
  • 750likes—Redeem code for 15k Coins
  • 500likes—Redeem code for 10k Coins
  • release—Redeem code for 1k Coins
  • update1—Redeem code for 2k Coins
  • 500players—Redeem code for 1k Coins
  • 250likes—Redeem code for 5k Coins

Fire Breathing Simulator Codes (Expired)

These are all the currently expired Fire Breathing Simulator codes

  • There are currently no expired Fire Breathing Simulator codes.

Fire Breathing Simulator Frequently asked questions

Here’s everything you need to know regarding Fire Breathing Simulator codes.

How to redeem codes in Fire Breathing Simulator

If you want to redeem codes in Fire Breathing Simulator, follow our instructions below.

Image by Pro Game Guides
  • Launch Fire Breathing Simulator on Roblox.
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, click on the Twitter Bird icon named Codes.
  • Enter the codes into the Code Here text box.
  • Click on the green Enter button to redeem your reward.

How to get more Fire Breathing Simulator codes

To get the latest Fire Breathing Simulator codes from the developer Modly Team, follow them on Twitter @ModlyGames and join their Modly Games Discord Server. Here at Pro Game Guides, we have you covered with all the latest code drops by the developer, so be sure to bookmark this page and never miss out on another freebie! 

Why aren’t my Fire Breathing Simulator codes working?

There may be several reasons your Fire Breathing Simulator codes are not working. These codes may be mistyped or missing punctuation in the text box. Copy and paste the codes from our working list to avoid making any mistakes before clicking on the Enter button. The developer could expire the codes, and they may no longer work. Claim the codes from our working list as soon as a new code is available to claim your freebie before it disappears.

How to equip Pets in Fire Breathing Simulator?

Equipping Pets in Fire Breathing Simulator is straightforward. Click on the Paw icon named Pets on the left-hand side of the screen. The following menu will show you all the Pets you have collected in the game. Click the Pet you would like to equip and click on the green tick to equip that Pet to your character. You may also see an auto-equip option where the best Pets that you have collected will automatically be assigned to your character.

What is a Fire Breathing Simulator game?

A Fire Breathing Simulator game is a clicking game. Click to blow fire out of your mouth and collect Coins. Turn these Coins in and unlock new areas to explore and Pets to take with you on your adventures to help you collect additional resources. Capture the hill and fight against other players by burning them. Can you have the fiercest flame to blaze your way to the top of the leaderboards?

If you’re looking for codes for other games, we have a ton of them in our Roblox Game Codes post! You can also get a bunch of free stuff via our Roblox Promo Codes page.



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