Roblox down: Gamers relieved as root cause that crashed game IDENTIFIED with hopes it will return online in hours

ROBLOX engineers have finally discovered the root cause of the gaming platform’s massive outage – with hopes it will return online within hours.

The online game platform has been down for nearly two days, leaving hundreds of thousands of players unable to connect to their online accounts.

The outage has seen the platform's global count shrink by 1million players


The outage has seen the platform’s global count shrink by 1million playersCredit: Reuters

Roblox is said to have gone down on Friday, according to complaints on Twitter.

Data published by outage tracker Downdetector shows that problems first occurred around midnight UK time, with a further spike of reported problems at around 8am yesterday morning.

The outage has seen the platform’s global count shrink by 1million players.

But engineers have finally found the root cause of the problem.

In a statement on Twitter, Roblox said: “We have identified root cause and solution.

“We are working on getting things back online and we will keep you updated throughout the day.”

Relieved gamers are now hoping the platform will be back up and running very soon.

One Twitter user said: “Roblox is finally back very soon.”

Another wrote: “LET’S GOOOO.”

A third said: “Finally some good news.”

And some gamers thanked the Roblox engineers for their hard work over the last 48 hours.

One said: “Hopefully Roblox will recover. Shoutout to the roblox engineers working day and night!”

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Another wrote: “LET’S GO! ROBLOX IS BACK IN BUSINESS! Thanks to engineers of course.”

A third said: “Thank the stars! And thank you engineers for working your hardest to get things back up and running. I’m going to go manifest Roblox getting back up sometime today.”

But a handful of Twitter users also slammed the gaming platform for “taking their time” to sort out the global issue.

There are many reasons why Roblox could have been experiencing technical difficulties, most likely due to maintenance or bug fixes.

Roblox is more of a platform than a game – it allows other developers to create their own “social network” worlds using Lego-like virtual blocks.

It is primarily popular with children – it has been estimated half of all children in the United States have played it at least one.

The game has been gaining popularity since 2010 and especially during the Covid pandemic.

According to the Irish Times, the platform earned close to $1.2 billion from selling virtual currency to its users in the first nine months of 2020.

The game was the brainchild of Canadian David Baszucki.

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In 2004, he and co-founder Erik Cassel, created the beta version of Roblox under the name DynaBlocks.

Baszucki started testing the first demos that year and eventually renamed the game a year later in line with the company brand before the game officially launched in 2006.

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