Roblox Blox Fruits Update 20: Release date, New Fruit, Abilities, & more!

Blox Fruits is the most popular anime-based game on the Roblox platform. Even years after its release, the title continues to garner hundreds of players like myself every day due to its addictive storyline and engaging combat mechanics. On that note, it’s nearly been over ten months since Blox Fruits received a proper content update, and with several sneak peeks from developers over the past week, we can somewhat confirm the arrival of the next Update 20. So, if you are a Blox Fruit player and want to know details regarding the release date, new content, and other fruit abilities, keep reading the article.

Currently, there is no official release date for Blox Fruits Update 20. But, according to various Blox Fruits content creators and other Blox Fruit Reddit members, Update 20 may release anywhere between August to October 2023. Still, these are just rumors, and we must wait for an exact date from the developers. 

New Blox Fruits – Update 20

Image via rip_indra Twitter

One of the Blox Fruit developers- rip_indra, has been sharing several pictures of a new mythical type of Blox Fruit based on an Elephant on his social media for the past few days. The tweet informs the players to get ready as the Ancient Beast will arrive in the universe of Blox Fruit.

The initial glimpse of Elephant or Mammoth fruit looks extremely powerful due to the range of attack and may fall in the tier of Dragon or Buddha devil fruits.  

Bookmark the article to know more about Update 20 launch date and other content in the future.

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