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Peroxide offers many different branching paths, and if you’re like me, then you’ve chosen the path to become a Vasto Lorde, which is a monumental task only a few have accomplished in Hueco Mundo. I discovered that the best way to check how many kills you earn is by finding Shady Arrancar, but finding their locations has proven to be challenging for some players. If you’re wondering where to find them, this guide will help you out!

How to find Shady Arrancar in Peroxide

There are two locations where you can find Shady Arrancar in Peroxide. The first Shady Arrancar is located in Karakura, and the second is in Hueco Mundo. Here are their exact locations explained in detail.

Finding the Karakura Shady Arrancar’s location in Peroxide

Finding the Shady Arrancar’s location in Karakura in Peroxide is easy, simply follow the steps below:

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  • When starting out in the city, walk towards a pair of bridges connecting to Karakura and go across.
  • Follow the walkways separated by a low ivy fence toward the street.
  • Once on the street, walk toward the back alley immediately to your left and enter.
  •  You should see the first Shady Arrancar sitting at the end on one of the street corners.

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Finding the Hueco Mundo Shady Arrancar’s location in Peroxide

I started my search for the Shady Arrancar’s location in Hueco Mundo in Peroxide by having the Vasto Lorde cave behind my back as a starting point. During your venture in Hueco Mundo, you may encounter some rather challenging Hollows, so you better level up before the visit. When you reach the cave, follow the instructions below to find the second Shady Arrancar.

  • Head straight and look for the two big rocks, one straight in front and one slightly to the right. Pass between them in a diagonal line.
  •  Turn left so the cave is directly behind you again, and keep going straight.
  •  Look out for several yellow lights. They should appear to your right as you come close to them.
  • The lights will lead you through a small town. Follow the path.
  •  Once you enter the town, keep your eyes peeled right and look for a small restaurant or a coffee shop. There are tables and stools in an open area. There is a small alleyway right next to it. You should see the Shady Arrancar sitting down right at the entry.

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