Is Quake Fruit Good or Bad in Blox Fruits? Explained

Quake Fruit is one of the fruits in Blox Fruits you can use to defeat enemies. It is a Natural type of fruit, meaning it has a high damage output and a large area of effect (AoE). But is Quake Fruit good or bad in Blox Fruits? You don’t want to invest in something expensive and inefficient, so here’s everything you need to know about this fruit.

Should you use Quake Fruit in Blox Fruits – Pros & Cons

Quake Fruit is one of the best fruits in Blox Fruits you should definitely use, but its efficiency depends on your gameplay. Use it in PvP, bounty hunting, and boss fights to make your money’s worth. Here are the pros and cons of using Quake Fruit:

Quake Fruit Pros – Blox Fruits

  • High damage output.
  •  Large AoE.
  •  Efficient against other players.
  •  Can be awakened.

Quake Fruit Cons – Blox Fruits

  • Slow attack speed.
  •  There are better options for grinding.
  •  Aiming can be difficult, so using it from shorter distances is best.

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Quake Fruit Moves List

Quake Fruit is a good fruit in Blox Fruits with a powerful moveset:

Basic Quake Fruit moves

  • Quake Punch (Z button) – creates a sphere that damages and knocks back enemies. For the best effect, use Quake Punch when you’re close to the opponent.
  •  Quake Wave (X button) – Allows you to send an energy wave towards enemies, dealing damage.
  •  Quake Erupt (C button) – create a quake sphere that deals damage to enemies around you.
  •  Dual Tsunami (V button) – creates two giant waves that damage opponents.

Awakened Quake Fruit moves

  • Fatal Demolisher (Z button) – pull the enemy close to you and deal damage that knocks back.
  •  Air Crusher (X Button) – launches a giant electric ball toward enemies, dealing moderate damage.
  •  Spatial Shockwave (C button) – knocks back enemies with two electric bolts coming out of your hands, dealing damage.
  •  Seaquake (V button) – you create a tsunami that washes away unsuspecting enemies, dealing damage and stunning them.

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