Is Emotion Art OP in Roblox Rogue Demon?- How to get, stats, and more

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Rogue Demon is a title inspired by the iconic Demon Slayer, and there is a new demon art in the game called Emotion Art that every player can use. This raises many questions about whether it’s overpowered or not, how you can get it, what are its moves, and more. To understand all of that, I’ll tell you my experience with Emotional Art, how to get it, its moves, and more.

Is Emotion Art OP in Rouge Demon?

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The short answer is yes, it can be considered OP, mainly because of its agility, combo potential, and damage. I used it for some time to get a taste of it, and I was able to hold my ground against some really powerful players using other breathing styles. That said, it’s not automatically going to make you a better player, and there will be other more powerful players than you.

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Emotion Art moves

There are five unique moves that you can use with Emotion Art in Rouge Demon Art.

  • Sorrow: These are your normal combo attack with a spear.
  • Anger: This move will create red lighting above your character to damage other players.
  • Pleasure: It sends a massive shockwave in front of your character.
  • Joy: Your character gets two wings, and it flies into the sky.
  • Hatred: The most powerful move where wooden dragons come out of the floor and damage other player/s.

All of these moves have different variations if you press the RMB instead of the normal attack button.

How to get Is Emotion Art in Rouge Demon

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If you are planning to get and use this art, it’s easy since it’s now available for all players. All you have to do is start the game and before spawning, select the Two Emojis and press the Spawn button. Once you enter the battlefield, you will have Emotion Art to use freely with all its moves.

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