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Inazuma Rebirth, inspired by the anime and manga series Inazuma Eleven, is a PvP-style soccer experience that allows users to train their skills, unlock various unique abilities, and work toward becoming the best (and strongest) soccer player in the league. Because Inazuma Rebirth is all about beating the competition, understanding how to maximize your play ability is crucial—which makes knowing and mastering the experience’s controls so helpful! Continue reading the brief guide below for a quick look at all of Inazuma Rebirth’s controls.

All controls in Inazuma Rebirth

  • WASD or arrow keys – Movement keys
  • F – Sprint
  • Spacebar (without ball) – Jump
  • Spacebar (with ball) – Dribble Forward
  • M1 – Tackle
  • M1 (with ball) – Shoot
  • R – Block
  • T – Header
  • G – GKMode
  • C – GK Right Dive
  • Z – GK Left Dive
  • C (Normal/with ball) – Dribble Right
  • Z (Normal/with ball) – Dribble Left
  • Shift – Shiftlock

As this experience continues to develop, more controls may be added, or the current controls may be tweaked from their original designations.

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How to play Inazuma Rebirth on mobile

Inazuma Rebirth has a habit of being a bit buggy on mobile, but it can be played nonetheless! The controls are labeled as buttons on the screen, which makes it easy to know how to do what action/command. It can become a bit obnoxious at times, though, just as a warning!

Is Inazuma Rebirth playable on Xbox?

Unfortunately, no, Inazuma Rebirth cannot be played on Xbox at the time of this article’s publication. With how popular the experience has become since its release, however, we could see them add Xbox compatibility in a future update!


That’s it for this quick guide on all of the controls in Inazuma Rebirth. If you have any other questions about this experience, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’ll try my best to find you an answer!

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