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Anime Fighting Simulator X is here, which means its time to jump in and fight alongside some of your favorite characters from various anime and manga. As you team up with others or venture alone in this awesome experience and explore its expansive map, you may be wondering, isn’t there any faster way to do this? Perhaps, by flying? Yes! And for those looking for a relatively easy mount to get them started on their flying journey, you’re in luck—a quick look at the Flame Fight mount can be found in the brief guide below.

How to get the Flame Flight mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X

The Flame Flight mount is unlocked by completing quests given to you by the NPC Boom, who’s located in the starting area.

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Boom offers players a total of 40 quests, but only 21 of them need to be completed to unlock the Flame Flight mount. These 21 quests are as follows:

  1. Gain 10 Strength + 10 Durability
  2. Gain 20 Chakra
  3. Upgrade Strength or Durability once
  4. Kill 5 Thugs
  5. Gain 100 Strength + 100 Durability
  6. Gain 100 Chakra
  7. Gain 50 Speed
  8. Gain 100 Sword
  9. Roll 1 Champion Pod
  10. Gain 1,000 Strength
  11. Gain 1,000 Durability + 1,000 Chakra
  12. Gain 1,000 Speed
  13. Gain 1,000 Sword
  14. Gain 5,000 Chakra
  15. Kill 5 Cyclops
  16. Gain 10,000 Durability
  17. Gain 10,000 Chakra + 5,000 Speed
  18. Gain 10,000 Sword + 10,000 Strength
  19. Kill 1 Nomu
  20. Gain 100,000 Strength + 100,000 Durability
  21. Gain 50,000 Speed + 100,000 Chakra

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As soon as you complete the 21st quest and return to Boom, he will award you with the Flame Flight mount. You can then find this mount in your inventory, and press Space to fly once you have it equipped.


That’s it for this brief guide on how to use Flame Flight in Anime Fighting Simulator X. You should now be able to get a birds-eye view of the map, which will help you spot important locations, bosses, and maybe even some new friends!

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