How to unlock Hill Top in Sonic Speed Simulator – Roblox

A big draw that brings players into Sonic Speed Simulator on Roblox is how faithful the levels are to older Sonic levels. That’s never been more true than with Hill Top, which is based off of the Hill Top Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It’s easy to see how this new level takes inspiration from classic Sonic, and it’s even better that it shouldn’t take players to long to find in game.

Where to find Hill Top in Sonic Speed Simulator – Roblox

For the purposes of Sonic Speed Simulator, Hill Top is basically World 5. Therefore, players need to have World 4 (Snow Valley) unlocked before trying to get into Hill Top.

Once inside Snow Valley, players just want to run towards the back end of the level. They should find a portal with the words “Hill Top OBBY” on them: that means it’s the portal to get to Hill Top. Beforehand, though, players need to complete a small level that serves as a bridge between Snow Valley and Hill Top.

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There isn’t too much happening on this “bridge” to Hill Top; there’s just a snowy full pipe that leads to a more grassy area with a half pipe. All players need to do is follow this half pipe all the way to the end and then turn right; the portal to Hill Top should be staring them in the face. Once inside, players will be able to see the rails and rings placed in a similar way to Hill Top Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Many Sonic Speed Simulator fans were happy to see Hill Top return to the game, since it actually was a missing level for about a year. The 1.3 update to the game actually introduced the Hill Top area, but the level was deleted in winter of 2022.

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