How to unlock Fushiguro Toji in Sakura Stand

Getting Fushiguro Toji in Sakura Stand sounds like a lot, but it’s actually straightforward. All players really need to do is beat a boss with some items in their inventory. The issue is that these items all have fairly low drop rates, so this can take a while. Players are definitely going to want to know everything they need before they start the grind.

How to get Fushiguro Toji in Sakura Stand

In order to get Fushiguro Toji in Sakura Stand, players are going to need to start a fight with the new boss that spawns close by the library at Second Park. In order to summon this boss, players will need one of the following:

  • 40000$
  • 500 Tokens
  • 5 Sukuna Fingers

Now, once this boss is defeated, the players can receive several drops, along with a special status. These are what players can earn for beating the Toji boss:

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  • Inverted Spear of Heaven (20% drop rate)
  • Chain of a Thousand Miles (20% drop rate)
  • Soul Splitter Katana (20% drop rate)
  • Heavenly Restrictions Status (10% drop rate)

To get Fushiguro Toji, players will actually need all three of the items in their inventory (Inverted Spear of Heaven, Chain of a Thousand Miles, and Soul Splitter Katana). If the player has all of these when they defeat Toji Boss, and they get Heavenly Restrictions at the same time, they will get access to Fushiguro Toji.

Players can tell if they get Heavenly Restrictions if they see white particles around their character after the boss fight. Once all the requirements are met, players can either die or reset. From there, they will respawn as Fushiguro Toji.

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