How to teleport out of Royale High Campus 3 – Roblox

Many Roblox players who enjoy Royale High are experiencing a glitch that prevents them from leaving Campus 3. Therefore, they’re flocking to the internet to find a potential fix to resolve this issue.

I was also trapped in Royale High Campus 3 for a long time and could not find the way out. But then I learned how to teleport from the game’s community and escaped to the real world. This is how you can do it too, if you are stuck in Royale High Campus 3.

How to leave Campus 3 in Royale High

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Teleporting from Royale High Campus 3 to the real world is very easy. Simply follow these steps to get out of the Campus 3:

  1. Click the heart icon on the side of your screen.
  2. Go to the castle map.
  3. Click the Royal World button.
  4. Select the destination and hit the OK button.

If the teleporting feature is not working for you, you may need to complete the Campus 3 guide first. Once you have completed it, the teleporting feature should work, and you will see the old map layout containing all old realms.

It’s important to note that some of these methods may not work for everyone, and it may depend on your specific situation. If you are still having trouble teleporting out of Campus 3, you can try reaching out to the Royale High community for further assistance.

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All teleport locations in Royale High

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Royale High allows you to fast travel to the following locations:

  • Royale High 3
  • Sunset Island
  • Apartments
  • Royale High 1
  • Royale High 2
  • Earth
  • Diamond Beach
  • Beach House
  • Trading Hub
  • Divinia Park

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