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Leviathan is a new raid boss added in Update 20 of Blox Fruits. Like previous bosses, you must find the creature using clues/hints provided by an NPC named – Spy.

You can locate and bribe the Spy NPC on the roof of the central part of Tiki Island. But before that, learn how to lure a Leviathan and the materials you can obtain from slaying one!

Where is the Spy NPC in Blox Fruits?

The Spy NPC is on the roof of the central building inside Tiki Island in the third sea. You can fly to the top and interact with the NPC to learn clues about the Leviathan. For this, you have to bribe the Spy using fragments. Keep revisiting and bribing the NPC until he says that the Leviathan has appeared! As soon as you receive the message, reach the Threat Level 6 area section in the outer skirt of Tiki Outpost and lure a Leviathan using a Monster Magnet.

How to make a Monster Magnet in Blox Fruits

Visit the Beast Hunter NPC on the Tikki Outpost island with these materials to make a Monster Magnet.

Materials Quantity Acquirement Method
Terror Eyes 2 Kill Terror Shark mini-boss NPC(Threat Level 4 to 6 area)
Electric Wing 8 Kill Piranhas(Threat Level 2 area)
Fool’s Gold 20 Destroy Ghost or Abandoned Ships(Threat Level 2 area)
Shark Tooth 10 Kill Sharks(Threat Level 2 to 4 area)

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How to summon a Leviathan in Blox Fruits

After reaching the Threat Level 6 area section, use the Monster Magnet to lure out the Leviathan. Remember, the spawn rate of a Leviathan is extremely low. It may take several attempts or even days to summon a Leviathan. So, be patient and roam around the area on your boat until you invite one. 

If you can summon a Leviathan, eliminate it with the help of your friends. I highly recommend a group of 10 or more for such a titanic battle.

What materials can you obtain from a Leviathan?

Being a raid boss, you can obtain some of the rarest materials in Blox Fruits from a Leviathan. You can find the list of all such materials below.

  • Leviathan Scale
  • Leviathan Heart 
  • Money
  • Fragments

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