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Tired of robbing the Brookhaven bank? Looking for more fun places to wreak some havoc? Then you’re in luck! In the quick guide below I’ll be going over how you can rob the grocery store and become rich in greens—in more than one way! Continue reading to learn more.

How to rob the Brookhaven Grocery Store

Once you’ve spawned into Brookhaven, the grocery store should be almost directly in front of you, located next to Club Brooks.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Enter this grocery store and approach the cash register. Once in front of it, open your item menu and equip the C4. With this item equipped, place it on or near the register.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

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Now, back away from the explosion area and press the green button to detonate the bomb. As soon as you do, the cash register will be blown open and you can take any money inside. Be warned, however, the whole server will be alerted of the robbery!

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That’s all there is to it! You can come back and rob the grocery store again once it’s been repaired, or you can try robbing any of the other stores with cash registers if you’re feeling extra criminal. Just watch out for those role-playing police officers!

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