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As a Soul Reaper, you can join up with several different divisions; each focused on different characteristics and fighting styles. I strongly recommend trying out Division 5 since it happens to be the best for leveling quickly and getting you rewards. However, if at any point you want to change things up and try a different division, you can; you’ll just have to leave your current one. It’s really simple to do so, and here’s how!

How to leave divisions in Type Soul

To join up with a division, you must be a Soul Reaper and head to the Soul Society location. You can teleport here anytime you want by using the Senkaimon tool in your inventory after reaching Grade 5. You’ll also need to be at Soul Society to leave your current division. To do so, you’ll need to track down a specific NPC that is specifically for leaving your division. Here’s where to look:

Leave Division NPC Location in Type Soul

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Once in Soul Society, head to the main road that stretches up and down from the raised city on the hill to the closed gate of the city walls. Then, head toward the raised city, where you’ll see an archway. Right before the bamboo area, leaning against the wall on the right side, or your left if you’re coming from the raised city, will be the NPC Khaotxc. When you click on him, he will ask if you’re like to ‘leave your division,’ and you can choose the dialogue “Yes,” to do so.

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Now you’re free to rejoin any other division you would like. There are several other choices, extending all the way from Division 1 to Division 13. Press ‘,‘ on your keyboard to pop up all the icons so you can more easily track them down. Divisions are essential to becoming a more powerful Soul Reaper and learning new abilities, so don’t waste the opportunity!

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