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All players, myself included, are faced with a choice in Fire Force Online. This is deciding between joining the Fire Force or White Clad. This can be seen as a choice between good and evil, but both require various steps to become a part of these factions. If you have an evil streak like me, you’re probably leaning more toward White Clad. That said, let’s figure out how to join the White Clad in Fire Force Online.

How to Become White Clad in Fire Force Online

Becoming a White Clad requires you to unleash and embrace your inner bad self. Essentially, you just need to go to NPCs with blue exclamation points over their heads and take on missions and always accept the evil option. For example, I had the option to take the old man to the hospital or to steal his money. Continue doing this until Shō appears behind you and teleports you to the Wilderness.

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Once there, Shō gives you a command to give the child a Bug. Do this, and the child will become an Infernal, also proving how evil you are. You must then defeat the new Infernal in combat. Once you have done this, you will be transported to a new area and will have officially become a part of the White Clad.

Becoming a White Clad is much easier than the requirements to become a Fire Force. This may have something to do with evil being easier than good, but that’s open to interpretation. That said, if you fancy the evil faction, follow the steps above to become a White Clad in Fire Force Online.

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