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Fire Force Online is a Roblox game inspired by the Fire Force anime. It allows players to explore the world, master the various abilities, and take on Infernals. An important step I took was joining the Fire Force, but I was confused about how to do this at first. Turns out you can’t just show up to Fire Force HQ and become a member, at least, not right away. If you’re like me and want to join this faction, I’ve got you covered.

How to Become a Fire Force in Fire Force Online

Fire Force is the premier evil-fighting faction in Fire Force Online. Joining them isn’t as simple as signing up, so be prepared to work for your entry. You can enhance your Roblox experience by using codes and playing with others, especially after joining Fire Force. I’ve listed how to become a member of Fire Force below.

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  • Go to the Police Station.
  • Complete tasks around the station by speaking to Officer Jones.
  • Reach Respected Civilian rank.
  • Speak to Xavier by the fountain in the center of town.
  • Go to the quest marker, which takes you to the Fire Force HQ.
  • Speak to the Examiner.
  • Wait for the exams to open.
  • Answer the Examiner’s question.
  • Seek out the requested items.
  • Defeat an Infernal.

Once you defeat the Infernal, you will have completed the Fire Force exam. This means you are now a full-fledged member of this faction. Note that you must be a Respected Civilian, or you cannot take the exam. The exam also starts at certain times, so pay attention to when the announcement comes up that exams are open.

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