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Must…get…stronger! For a limited time only, Pet Simulator X fans can participate in a new minigame, Yeet a Pet, which tasks players with rounding up their rarest pets to “yeet,” or throw, them as far as they can. The more strength a player has, the farther their pets will be thrown; the farther a pet is thrown, the more coins will be earned. So, with that being said, I understand that orbs raise my strength per round, but how do I increase my base strength? Continue reading below to learn more.

How to raise your base strength in Yeet a Pet in Pet Simulator X

Your base strength in Yeet a Pet is determined by what pets you have equipped, and can be found in the top-right corner if your screen. The only way to increase, or decrease, your base strength is by adding or removing equipped pets and replacing them with better, or worse, ones. The rarer or “better” the pets you have equipped, the higher your base strength will be; the less rare or “worse” pets you have equipped, the lower your strength will be.

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Similar to playing in Hardcore Mode, where pets that are specially marked with the HC (hardcore) stamp perform better than those that aren’t, pets that are hatched from any of the Yeet World eggs perform better in the Yeet a Pet minigame, and will increase your base strength more than other outside pets when made rarer, ie., Gold, Rainbow, or Dark Matter.

Can upgrades increase base strength in Yeet a Pet in Pet Simulator X?

No, purchasing Yeet World upgrades will not increase your base strength. The upgrade machine in Yeet World is used to increase various elements of the Yeet a Pet gameplay, but not base strength.


That’s it for this quick guide on how to increase base strength in Pet Simulator X’s Yeet a Pet minigame. If you’re hoping to get a throw worth multiple laps, you better open as many Yeet World eggs as you can before they’re gone forever!

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