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Military Tycoon is all about having the biggest and best fortress in the war, and while I wouldn’t necessarily say this experience is p2w (pay to win), it definitely doesn’t hurt having a few Robux-exclusive items and features in your pocket. With the addition of the Soldier Event update (released on Sept. 9, 2023), the ability to share that Robux wealth with your friends, or even strangers, is now possible. Through just a few steps, items in the Military Tycoon store can now be gifted to other players in your server, including gamepasses! For a quick look at this new feature, continue reading below.

How to gift in Military Tycoon

To gift an item to another player in Military Tycoon, select the shopping cart icon that’s located on the left side of your screen—this will open the in-game store. Next, select the blue button with the red present icon that says Gift to Player.

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Doing so will open a list of every player in the server. Scroll through this list until you find the player you want to gift to and select them.

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Once you do, the store should reopen and display the name of the player you’ve selected to gift to at the top of it. The word Buy should be replaced with Gift as well, allowing you to purchase a gamepass for the other player. When you’re finished sending gifts, select the Stop Gifting button.


That’s all there is to it! You can now send as many gifts as you’d like to players in your server, and others can send gifts to you as well.

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