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The main objective of All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) is to, as the name implies, defend your tower using an all-star lineup of characters from various animes and mangas. The roster for ASTD is rather massive, and is constantly growing, so understanding how to unlock certain characters can sometimes be confusing. For this reason, I’ve created the brief guide below that details one of these characters (Forecast/Weather Report), and explains exactly how to unlock them.

How to unlock Weather Report/Forecast in All Star Tower Defense

Forecast, based on the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure character Weather Report, is a 5-star unit that can only be obtained by completing the Cape Canaveral Raid. Once the raid has finished, there’s a 1% chance that Forecast will be dropped. This raid can be accessed for a limited time only via the Event Hub.

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Weather Report/Forecast Stats in All Star Tower Defense

Forecast’s LVL 1 stats are as follows:

Price Damage Range SPA
Original Placement $550 3,520 40 7
Upgrade 1 $3,450 32,100 40 7
Upgrade 2 $7,600 67,300 40 7
Upgrade 3 $12,400 131,000 75 7
Upgrade 4 $20,000 230,000 75 7
Upgrade 5 $1,500,000 1,660,000 100 13


That’s it for this quick guide on how to unlock Forecast/Weather Report in ASTD. Have you had the chance to use this unit yet? Do you think it’s OP? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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