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Vollstandig is the pinnacle of power for anyone who selected the Quincy path in Peroxide. This class is incredibly busted, but it is also locked behind one of the hardest boss fights in the game. It’s safe to say players shouldn’t be attempting this unless they are incredibly high leveled.

How to unlock Vollstandig in Peroxide – Roblox

Players can start working on getting Vollstandig in Peroxide after they get their Shrift. To unlock Vollstandig, players will need to be level 90 as well as acquire 420 Vollstandig experience points. In order to get these points, players will need to participate in the following activities:

  • Clear a Time Gate (75 points)
  • Defeat a Time Bubble Boss (1 point for each percentage of boss hp taken)
  • Defeat Storm Arrancars in the Storm Bubble (10 points for each defeated Storm Arrancar where the player did the majority of damage)
  • Stealing an object during an Invasion (5 points)
  • Slaughtering guards during an Invasion (12 points)
  • Killing a leader during an Invasion (22 points)

After getting all the necessary points and hitting level 90, players can initiate the boss fight against the Ancient Automaton, which gives Vollstandig. That being said, I recommend not starting the boss fight until gaining some more levels. This boss is very difficult to beat, so there is nothing wrong with grinding to level 120 or more before attempting the fight.

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How to beat the Ancient Automatron

To start the fight, talk to Quincy King Yhwach. He will transport the player into the room with the Ancient Automaton. There are three stages to this fight. During the first stage, the boss will shoot projectiles that can only be parried; they will pierce through regular guard. Also, the only way to deal damage is to use uppercuts and heavy attacks.

After taking down its health bar, the Ancient Automaton will transform, and the fight will move into Stage 2. During this stage, the boss will use all of the moves that the player has equipped, so keep an eye out for that.

To get a head start, players can just walk up and hit a big combo. After that, though, the Ancient Automaton gets really agressive. It’s best to use a ranged kit for this fit, since fighting the Ancinet Automaton up close is a recipe for disaster.

Once it gets down to 40% health, it will regenerate. The same formula will work for this final stage, though. Just keep distance and use cooldowns effectively, and the Ancient Automaton should go down eventually. Afterwards, talk to Yhwach again for the Vollstandig.

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