How to get verified on Roblox

If you’ve ever checked the Roblox profile of your favorite YouTuber or developer, you’ve likely noticed a small blue checkmark next to their name at some point. This checkmark means the account has been “verified,” but what does verified even mean on Roblox, and how can I get one?

How to become verified on Roblox

In order to have your Roblox account verified, you’ll need to meet a handful of specific requirements. These requirements, detailed below and taken directly from the Roblox Verified FAQ page, are revisited and rechecked once a month, as a verified badge is renewed on a month-to-month system.

  • Brands & Figures (companies, celebrities, musicians, politicians, etc)
    • 100K+ followers on at least one major social media platform (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, FB, YouTube) or 100K+ monthly listeners on Spotify. Or, you are part of our Video Stars program.
  • Experience Developers
    • You are an owner of an experience with playtime exceeding 1M hours in the last 90 days. Or, you are a contributor to such an experience and have at least 10K followers on Roblox.
  • Creators of Avatar Items
    • You (or your group) have at least 2M Robux in revenue for the last 90 days with at least 200K items sold.

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In summary, you’ll need to be a “notable and authentic figure” to receive one of these badges, which, by Roblox standards, means you must be “widely recognized,” and able to prove your identity with proper documentation. Examples of creators who have verified badges are Hazem (creator of the Roblox experience PLS DONATE), Digito (Roblox YouTuber), and Mr. Booshot (avatar item creator) So, unfortunately, it’s not looking like us regular players will be getting verified on Roblox anytime soon!

What does a verified badge do on Roblox?

As mentioned on the Roblox site, verified badges are simply “visual indicators that allow users to easily identify notable and authentic creators, developers, groups, and off-platform figures.” They don’t offer any special bonus or perk, and are just meant to serve as an eye-catcher for people looking for notable people on the platform.


That’s it for this quick guide on how to get verified on Roblox. If you’re hoping to become verified yourself, you better start grinding for those followers!

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