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Type Soul reimagines Bleach as a Roblox game, allowing me to play as a Soul Reaper, Hollow, or Quincy. Naturally, I was drawn to the Hollow faction, especially after seeing the Vamp Segunda.

Getting Vamp Segunda is hard, but I’ve got you covered! Here is how to get Vamp Segunda in Type Soul.

How to unlock Vamp Segunda in Type Soul

To get Vamp Segunda in Type Soul, you must meet the requirements listed below. Once you do, head to the Cave in Menos Forest, the same location where you unlocked your Resurrección. Speak to the Orb, and you will get offered the quest to Slay 35 of those who wield great power; accept this quest.

Once you’ve accepted the quest, you must Grip or Auto-execute 35 players who have activated their Bankai, Resurrecion, or Volt, and do the majority of the damage. If you pick off another player who has a sliver of HP but did not do the most damage, you won’t complete the quest. Defeating the 35 players in this way will automatically unlock Vamp Segunda with no need to return to the Cave. Feel free to use Type Souls codes if you are having troubles.

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Type Soul Vamp Segunda requirements

  • Be a Lesser or True Vastocar
  • Have Full Resurrección

Type Soul Vamp Segunda abilities

Vamp Segunda has three abilities, though only two partial Resurrección moves can be equipped. To use your Segunda, you must strike players in their mode until the green bar fills up, allowing you to activate your Res. At any time in Res, you can press K to activate your Segunda. Vamp Segunda is pretty strong, thanks to good damage output and being able to stun enemies.

Using Segunda restores some health, but not all of it, making it more worthwhile to activate it right away. There are two combat modes: fists and spears. Having your spear out turns your basic attack into a spear through, while having your fists out turns Payday into a rising slam instead of throwing the spear.

  • Payday – Z Key
    • Rise into the air and slam a spear down on an enemy (Slam into the ground instead if fists are out).
  • Phage – X
    • Turn into a swarm of bats and rush forward.
  • Echo – C
    • Unleash a powerful and damaging scream.

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