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Thanks to having an enormous damage output, Tot Musica became one of the best fruits in A One Piece Game. Players are going to need to get pretty far in the game before they can grab this fruit, though. They will also need to beat a pretty tough boss, but it’s worth the journey for such a strong fruit.

Where can players find Tot Musica in A One Piece Game (AOPG) – Roblox?

The fruit for Tot Musica is found in Third Sea in A One Piece Game, so players will need to have Third Sea unlocked before they start searching. In particular, players should head over to Elegia Island, which is just beyond Dawn Island.

Once on the island, turn left and keep going towards the cul-de-sac with all of the buildings in a circle. In the middle of the circle is Uta, who drops the music sheet. Battle Uta, beat Uta, and she will likely drop the music sheet, which players will need to get Tot Musica.

From that cul-de-sac, turn back and go to the other part of Elegia Island with the large amphitheater. Here, players can challenge the Tot Musica boss. This boss is rather large, with hard hitting AOE’s, but players can still stay out of its range for an easy victory.

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If Tot Musica drops the Transformation Scroll, then the player will get access to Tot Musica. Fortunately, the boss has a chance to drop some other items, which are as follows:

  • Diva Wings – 1500 Fruit
  • Headphones – 1100 Fruit, 900 Haki
  • Rythmic Coat – 1000 Defense, 1300 Fruit, 500 Strength

If all this sounds like too much effort, players can also get Tot Musica Fruit from the Gamepass. This option is very expensive, though, so it’s usually just better to get the boss drop.

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