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Peroxide offers players many ways to become powerful and take their character to the next level, one of them being the Time Remnant. When you use this item, you get the option to choose between an Impure Hogyoku, 20 Product Essence, or a random godly item. Since it’s so useful, players are bound to want it, but how can you get it? This is where I will tell you all the different ways to get the Time Remnant and what is the best option among those in Roblox Peroxide.

How can I get Time Remnant in Peroxide

There are three different ways for you to get the Time Remnant in Peroxide. Below, I’ll be listing all of these and what your chances are for getting the Time Remnant from these.

  • Invasion: Invading other factions is the first option to get a Time Remnant, and the chances depend on the difficulty.
    • Normal Difficulty: 0.1%
    • Hard Difficulty: 0.2%
  • Incursions: The second way is to do the Incursions raids, and there is a 0.1% chance to get a Time Remnant.
  • Time Gate Win (Best Option): If your team wins a Time Gate, there is a massive 0.6% chance that you will get a Time Remnant.

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How to start Invasion

To start invations you have to find your faction’s captain and talk to him. Here are all the faction captains and their locations in Peroxide.

  • Xavier (Hollows): You can find him inside the castle at Heco Mondo.
  • General Alberich (Quincies): He is standing upside down on the roof inside a building in the fort at Wandenreich.
  • Captain Tojo (Soul Reaper): You can find this guy at the Captain’s quarters in Soul Society.

How to start Incursions

This is a random event that happens when a certain faction decides to attack the others, and if you defeat all of them, it will open a portal to their dimension. You can go inside and attack them in their domain to hopefully get a Time Remnant.

How to start a Time Gate

Time Gates open up randomly in different dimensions, but I have had a lot of luck with that happening in Soul Society. Once you see one open up and go inside, you will see all three of the factions fight each other. If your faction manages to get the most kills, you will have a 0.6% chance to get a Time Remnant.

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