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I’ve played a lot of Roblox tycoon-style experiences and there aren’t many better than Military Tycoon. Rather than just building a base you can head off on missions and take other players in PVP, adding those vital x-factors to the gameplay. Also, it has regular updates adding cool gear, units, and vehicles. Read on to find out how to get the YF-23 jet plane in Military Tycoon.

Roblox Military Tycoon – How to get the YF-23 Jet

Image by Pro Game Guides

First off it’s important to note that this is a limited-time offer and you only have around three days from the time of writing to gain the points you need. It is not clear right now whether the YF-23 will be available again later, so you’ll have to be quick to guarantee to get yours! To get the YF-23 Jet you need to gain 900k points before the offer expires.

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Points can be gained in three ways:

  • 200k – Win a Deathmatch
  • 75k – Join a Deathmatch
  • 500 – Kill any enemy

Note that you do not have to do each of these to be able to claim your YF-23. So, for example, you could simply enter 12 Deathmatches and not win at all and you’d still be able to claim it. Deathmatches happen every 15-20 minutes, so you won’t have to wait too long to get involved. 

Once you’ve earned enough points, simply click the YF-23 Quest icon on the right of the screen (marked above) to claim your reward. If that quest button is no longer there, unfortunately, you’ve missed your chance. 

The YF-23 Jet looks incredibly cool and can be leveled up to increase its Damage, Health, and Speed. It only has front-facing weapons but its Machine Gun is complemented with three Shock missiles. When they hit, they have a good chance of disabling your enemy’s weapons for a few seconds. While this is a powerful ability, you only have three shots.

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