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After the Null Glove, a new glove available to obtain inside the Void Zone is the Tinkerer glove. To get the new Tinkerer Glove, you must unlock the Great Escape badge by opening the Null Zone and touching the giant Rob Shoulder Pal at the end of the basement. 

How to get the Great Escape Badge in Slap Battles – Roblox

Firstly, you must open the Null Zone portal. For this, you will need the help of two friends. Tell one of them to equip the Rob glove and the other a Bob glove. Make them stand adjacent to each other. Tell the Rob user to activate his ability first, followed by the Bob one. Suddenly, a mysterious portal will appear. Touch it to enter the Null Zone along with your buddies. While teleporting, you will find the message – The Relic Calls For Your Audience in the middle of the screen.

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After hopping into the Null Zone, pull the lever behind your character spawn location to initiate the quest. Kill all the black goblins in the area and keep moving forward. As you progress, you will find several other levers. Pull each one to unlock the next section until you reach the Maze Room.

The Maze Room is a blue-colored area with a staircase at the entrance. Here, you must press the Pressure Plate or Black Plate at the end of the room and return to the start before everything crumbles in the underground. Once you finish the Maze Room, it’s all about parkouring, killing goblins, avoiding pressure plates, and finding the levers.

After some time, you will find yourself in a section with several prison cells. One of the cells here will have a secret pressure plate near the bed cell to open the next section. You can find the plate through trial and error. Once you find it, tell one of your friends to stand on it while others pass through the iron gate. The person on the pressure plate must run before the door closes to reunite with the gang. 

Now, you will find a small room with three pressure plates. Instruct all your three friends to stand on each pressure plate to open the final room. Enter the room, touch the Rob Shoulder Pal to purchase them for free, and unlock the Great Escape badge. You can also trigger the lever inside the room to let your other friend get inside the final room.

Update: The Rob Shoulder Pal item is limited. So, get it before it runs out! 

Where is the Tinkerer Glove in Slap Battles?

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After obtaining the badge, return to the main lobby. You can find the Tinkerer glove adjacent to the Lure glove at the end of the hallway. 

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What is the ability of Tinkerer Glove in Slap Battles?  

The Tinkerer Glove enables players to spawn mini-bots. These robots will auto-target your enemies and explode once they make contact. The Tinkerer Glove has the following rating.

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