How to get the Sanguine Art Fighting Style in Blox Fruits

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One of the fighting styles introduced in the latest Update 20 of Blox Fruits is the Sanguine Art. 

To learn the Sanguine Art Fighting Style in the game, you must meet the Shafi NPC trainer and obtain the Leviathan Heart

Where is the Shafi NPC in Blox Fruits?

The Shafi NPC trainer is available to interact at the basement of a building on the southern edge of the newly added Tiki Outpost Island. He is the master who will teach you the Sanguine Art Fighting Style in the game. Remember, you should be above level 2550 to learn the mechanics.

Once you find the NPC, interact with him, and he will say, “You lack a cold heart.” So, the next step is to obtain a cold heart, which is none other than Levianthan’s Heart.

Go to the roof part of the Tiki Outpost Central Building to find the Spy NPC. Bribe him with fragments to know about the details about the Leviathan boss. Keep visiting the NPC until the Spy says Leviathan has appeared. When the message appears, head to the Threat Level 6 area south of the Tiki Outpost and lure the Leviathan using a Monster Magnet.

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How to get a Cold Heart in Blox Fruits

As mentioned earlier, a cold heart is nothing but a Leviathan’s Heart. So, to get the item, you must spawn a Leviathan and slay the creature.

How to make a Monster Magnet in Blox Fruits

To spawn a Leviathan, you must have a Monster Magnet to lure the beast. Go to the Beast Hunter NPC on the same Tiki Island with the following items to craft one.

Materials Quantity Obtaining Method
Terror Eyes 2 Kill Terror Shark mini-boss NPC(Threat Level 4 to 6 area)
Electric Wing 8 Kill Piranhas(Threat Level 2 area)
Fool’s Gold 20 Destroy Ghost or Abandoned Ships(Threat Level 2 area)
Shark Tooth 10 Kill Sharks(Threat Level 2 to 4 area)

How to spawn a Leviathan in Blox Fruits

If you have gathered clues from the Spy NPC, he will instruct you to travel to the Threat Level 6 area. Head to the location using a boat and turn on your observational haki, as the entire area will be dark and have a gloomy aura. Keep roaming around the area until you lure a Leviathan using a Monster Magnet. If found, eliminate the beast and acquire essential materials like the Leviathan Scale or Heart. Remember, the Leviathan is much more deadly and dangerous than a Terrorshark sea beast. So, it’s better to have a group with at least 12 or more players to take down the creature.

After acquiring the Heart, return to the Shafi NPC to start the actual training.

Note: Note: Currently, nobody has obtained the Sanguine Art Fighting Style due to the low spawn rate of Leviathan. We will update the article with more information once players start getting the item and skill.

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