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To get to Second Sea, players will need to talk to the Dimensional Sailor, who is looking for something called a Poneglyph Scroll. Although it’s a very well-hidden item, it doesn’t take long at all to collect. There are plenty of new items for players to collect in Second Sea, including 3 Sword Style, so it’s definitely a good idea to grab the Poneglyph Scroll when possible.

Where can players find the Poneglyph Scroll in Haze Piece?

Players won’t be able to get to Second Sea in Haze Piece without reaching level 2200, so that should be step one. Once players get to this level, they can talk to the Dimensional Sailor. He is in Starter Island, at the edge of the dock where the Boat Merchant is.

When players talk to him, he will ask for something called a Poneglyph Scroll. Fortunately, it’s not too far away; players just need to go into the Rocky Pillars. This area is located just west of Starter Island.

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Once inside, look for the pillar that is dead set in the middle of the lake. At the top of this pillar will be a black box. This will be difficult to see since the pillars are all dark to begin with, but basically players will want to see if they can find a darker box near the top of the pillar.

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Players can actually go inside here and find the Poneglyph itself. Interact with it to collect the Poneglyph Scroll. Players can then take that scroll to the Dimensional Sailor to get to Second Sea.

I highly recommend using a fruit that gives a flight ability (Flame, Electricity, etc.) I tried getting up the pillar with just jumping, and it was not successful.

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