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Like many experiences on Roblox, BEAR is celebrating Halloween by giving away a handful of exclusive themed accessories that can only be unlocked for a limited time. One of these accessories, the Candy kill effect, is detailed in the guide below and causes your avatar to explode when they’re killed by BEAR, leaving behind tons of little candy pieces in their place.

How to unlock the HAPPY HAUL badge in BEAR

To unlock the Candy kill effect, you’ll need to earn the HAPPY HAUL badge, which can take quite a bit of time depending on your luck. Because this badge can only be earned on one map, Happy Terror, and only when you’re a survivor, I had to play for nearly two hours before I even had a chance to unlock it.

Before you actually enter a round and try for the badge, however, you’ll need to purchase the Trick or Treating Bag item from the Social Gear section of the in-game shop. This item costs 50 Quidz (BEAR coins) and, once purchased, can be equipped from the Inventory menu.

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With the item equipped, you’ll now need to wait for the Happy Terror map to appear in the voting area and hope it gets enough votes to be chosen. To make this process easier, I bought a private server for 100 Robux and just used an alt account to keep leaving and rejoining until the map appeared. Then, when joining, you’ll need to hope, again, that you are selected as a survivor, not BEAR. You unfortunately cannot get this badge as BEAR.

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Once you’ve made it inside the Happy Terror map as a survivor, head toward the neighborhood area. Inside the neighborhood are a variety of houses, some with their front door open, and others with their front door closed.

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To get the HAPPY HAUL badge, you’ll need to trick-or-treat four different houses that have their door closed. Upon approaching a closed door with your Trick or Treating Bag equipped, it will automatically open and one of four monsters will speak to you and give you candy.

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Again, repeat this process four times to unlock the Happy Haul badge. If you’re in a public server, beware of BEAR—it can and will still hunt you while you’re doing this! To make it easier, I’d highly suggest using a private server and playing with an alt account or trusted friend if you can, that way you can assure you won’t be attacked.


That’s all there is to it! You now have the Candy kill effect unlocked and can equip it from the Inventory menu in the lobby. As mentioned above, this badge and effect are only available for a limited time, so claim them while you can!

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