How to get secret ending in Break in 2

Break In 2 players may have noticed a new banner, announcing that a secret ending is somewhere in the game. The secret is actually fairly easy to unlock for players who know what they’re doing. In fact, all players need are three special items to get the secret ending and the corresponding badge. Here is what players should look for.

Steps to unlock Secret Ending in Break In 2 – Roblox

Before grabbing the three special items for the secret ending in Break In 2, players should make sure their Strength is level 3 or higher. This is so they can break something important during the mission. I would also recommend leveling up the speed stat to make jumping around easier, since there’s one area in particular players will need to big jumps to get around with.

Once all these requirements are met, players will need three things to get the secret ending, all of which belong to Scary Larry: his crowbar, his hat, and his mask. Here are the instructions to getting each.

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  • Crowbar: On the righthand side while facing the building, next to Twado’s dog house. It’s normally invisible, but players can get a glimpse of it once they load up the area. In order to grab the crowbar, players will need to knock down the tree by the dog house (this is what Strength level 3 is for)
  • Mask: Located on the otherside of the quicksand. To cross the quicksand, players simply need to move slowly and dodge the whirlpools that form up.
  • Hat: The Annoying Kid has the hat. Players can find The Annoying Kid behind a tree by the entrance to the quicksand. He wants a slice of Golden Pizza, though, so players will need to beat the Pizza Party Boss and then hand the Golden Pizza to The Annoying Kid, who will give up the hat in return.

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